Testimonials + Apply

“Within my short time here at DCPS, I’ve had the opportunity to get a rare glimpse into some of the methodological processes a school system must go through in order to create an entirely new school. Not only do I get to see what type of individuals are spearheading this groundbreaking initiative, but I also gain invaluable insight from each and every one of them.” – Adrian Abrams, Summer ‘16

“There are incredible personalities working in this office, who know education, and it is an inspiration to work with them every day. And whether you are interested in teaching, policy, educational leadership, curriculum, or any other lens of the educational stratosphere, this is a summer – or spring or fall – opportunity that provides perspective, knowledge, and a foundation to continue moving forward in a landscape that is more and more wrapped up in reform.” — Chelsea Rink, Summer ’13

“The UELIP program provides a great space to meet people with whom you already have common ground (i.e. a passion for education!). I made a core group of friends that summer, and we still keep in touch today.” – Liz Blesson, Summer ‘13

“I chose to return to the program because of the significantly positive experience. The opportunity to do substantive work has been punctuated by an incredibly refreshing organizational culture. Everyone I have encountered at DCPS is welcoming and enthusiastic, and the prevailing attitude is that of genuine care for their work and the impact it has on the children of this city.” – Karina Wocial, Fall ’15, Summer ‘16

“I have loved being surrounded by so many people who have such a strong passion for education and who share in my goal of improving school achievement and experience for our nation’s students.” – Connor Bliss, Summer ‘16

“Although I lack the experience of a Bain consultant, my work has not been all that different from one.” — Michael Blume, Summer ’13

“DCPS is a whirlwind of new initiatives, pilot programs, and change. As someone so aptly put it, DCPS feels more like a startup than your typical governmental bureaucracy. The work culture is vibrant, employees are innovative and ridiculously well-educated, and every person believes wholeheartedly in the mission of DCPS. Every person is driven by a sense of purpose and urgency.” – Kristiana Kim, Summer ’14

“The UELIP program combines my love of D.C. with my desire to learn more about what it takes to provide children with a quality education.” — Carrie Grace Henderson, Summer ’17