Intern Turns Employee

By UELIP Associate: Janel Young

Unlike most of the Summer 2013 UELIP cohort, I am not a college student or even a recent graduate. I won’t say exactly how long ago I was in the shoes of all these crazy college kids around me, but I have been working in the education world for a while now. During graduate school in Pennsylvania, I worked in the non-profit/education research realm and, for the last several years, have worked as a high school counselor in Maryland.  As a District resident though, I was really curious to know more about the “real” DCPS.  I had been interested in working for DCPS for years but found it difficult to find out much about DCPS beyond the ever-present media coverage.  I wanted to understand the inside details of how DCPS operates and see the data beyond teaching and test scores. UELIP seemed like an ideal way to get a behind-the-scenes look at DCPS, as well as dig in and work on the front lines of education reform. Continue reading “Intern Turns Employee”