Meet Danielle Linowes

Junior Associate Danielle Linowes
Junior Associate Danielle Linowes

Hometown: Rockville, Maryland
School: Miami University in Ohio
Major: Early Childhood Education
UELIP Committee Project: Danielle helps with a few projects. She assist with the newsletter and has done a few things with the UELIP blog. She is also planning a day for UELIPs to get professional head shots.
DCPS Office: Office of Specialized Instruction, Early Stages
Project: Early Stages is a center for evaluating children ages 3-5 with disabilities and deciding on the appropriate services to provide. Danielle’s projects revolve around engaging families in the process. Continue reading “Meet Danielle Linowes”

Defining ‘Urban Education’ without a Textbook

By UELIP Associate: Leigh Creighton

I wanted to be a “UELIP” because I am interested in pursuing a degree in education, and I wanted to learn more about what “urban education” means.  An internship with DC Public Schools sounded like a great opportunity to gain first-hand experience about urban education and learn about DC Public Schools, both of which I knew little about having recently moved to the DC area from Georgia.

Given my law degree and past experience interning for a legal clinic that focused on special education matters, I was excited to be placed with the Office of Specialized Instruction (OSI, formerly known as the Office of Special Education).  I work specifically for OSI’s Local Education Agency Monitoring and School Support Team (LEAMSST). Continue reading “Defining ‘Urban Education’ without a Textbook”