Education Articles of Note

Week of August 4, 2014

DC Charter Schools Sue City, Alleging Unequal Funding

Education Reform is Awful and Supporters Know It

I Was a Naïve Urban Teacher

Kids are Accepting Healthier School Lunches: Survey

Low Salaries Keep Many Teachers Out of the Middle Class: Report

Meet the 22-Year-Old Who is Closing the Summer Achievement Gap

The Misleading Argument that Blames Teacher Tenure

My Son has been Suspended Five Times. He’s 3.

New York: Parents in Uproar after More than 450 City Schools Change Start Time to Comply with New Teachers Union Contract

Produce from School Gardens Increasingly Ends Up in Schools Cafeterias

Puberty, The Elephant in the Middle School Classroom

Teachers Occupy the US Department of Education in Washington, DC

Who’s Benefiting form Test-Optional Colleges?


Week of July 28, 2014

DCPS Students Continue to Demonstrate Growth

Are Multiplayer Games the Future of Education?

DC’s Charter and Public Schools Need to Coordinate Efforts in Locating Campuses

Stop Blaming Black Parents for Underachieving Kids

How to Read Education Date without Jumping to Conclusions

Hundreds of Second Graders in Prince George’s County Attend New Summer School Program

In Asheville, NC, Summer Vacation Lasts Just a Few Weeks

Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Challenging DC School Closures; Plaintiffs Plan Appeal

Kansas City Area’s Digital-Age Schools Hail an Education Revolution

Wrong Answer

Week of July 21, 2014

Arne Duncan Flubbed on Common Core, and then He Made it Worse

DC Bill Would Ban School Suspensions for City’s Pre-K Students

The DCPS-Charter Relationship is Getting Heated in this Education “Hot Spot”

District’s Lawsuit Against Options Charter School Delayed

The First School District to Put Itself Out of Business

Five Things to Know about Suspension and Expulsion in DC Schools

How DC Got to be an Education Hot Spot

How Private Schools Are Like Cheap Sushi

Lawsuit: Tennessee High School Dropped the Ball on Racial Bullying

Critics of DC Education Policies Question Test Score Gains

Readers React to What Teachers Told Obama

Study Calls for Cyberbullying Education in Elementary Schools

Surprise! Schools Kick Out Toddlers

Teaching 4-Year-Olds to Feel Better

Week of July 14, 2014

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