Meet Lauren Furst, Summer ’17 UELIP


DCPS Office: Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Enrollment Team
Education: Rising Junior at Northwestern University
Program of Study/Major: Learning and Organizational Change
Hometown: Bethesda, Maryland

I have always loved education but never really wanted to be a teacher. UELIP was the perfect program to get to experience education work from a district level and learn new skills.

I am working on expanding the marketing side of the enrollment team. There is currently no oversight over how schools market themselves and because of that there is a large variety in the quality and quantity of schools’ marketing suites. I surveyed all 115 schools to create an inventory of all of the marketing materials that currently exist and am now using that information to create a system to help schools with their marketing materials moving forward.

My day is different every time I come into the office. Part of my responsibility is answering questions from parents and schools about enrollment and ensuring they have all the resources they need to enroll. I am also helping with the Enrollment Enhancement which is a new initiative to help schools get more resources to help with enrollment, such as money for events and enrollment incentives. I help send out e-blasts to schools about upcoming enrollment events and have worked on getting all the schools involved new marketing materials.

This internship has really shown me that there are so many different types of jobs in the world of education. I know that I really want to be able to work with other people directly because I love my team and they have really made my UELIP experience so great.

The most rewarding part of my job is getting to help the families and the school staff directly. When a family finally gets to enroll their child, it is very exciting for them and I am so happy I get to help them through this process. I love talking to the staff at the school because enrollment is such a tedious and difficult process and it is really nice to get to give them positive reinforcement because they really are doing such a great job.


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