Meet Carrie Grace Henderson, Summer ’17 UELIP

DSC_0516 (4)

DCPS Office: Office of College and Career Programs
Education: Rising Senior at LSU
Program of Study/Major: Mass Communication and History
Hometown: Orange, Texas

The UELIP program combines my love of D.C. with my desire to learn more about what it takes to provide children with a quality education. Over the summer, my team wants to create a financial aid curriculum for students and parents to help them navigate the financial aid process.

There are so many different forms and deadlines, and the process can seem overwhelming. We want to do everything we can to help DCPS students get through it. The FAFSA, the DC TAG and outside scholarships can all make a huge financial difference, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on college because the financial aid process was too daunting.

I spend most of my day researching best practices for financial aid guidance and compiling that research into PowerPoints and lesson plans to be used in the future. But I also do a lot of support work like data entry. I’ve certainly learned a lot about financial aid. But I’ve had a crash course in distilling loads of information into something people can (and want to) understand! I like knowing that eventually, the work I’m doing now is going to help actual DCPS students afford college.


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