Meet Amie Littman, Summer ’17 UELIP


By Kyle Hietala

DCPS Office: Chief of Schools, Academic Planning and Support
Education: Rising Senior at University of Maryland
Program of Study/Major: English and Secondary Education
Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut

Amie Littman is working this summer to plan a graduation ceremony for all summer school students; or as she puts it, “I’m planning a giant party!” Additionally, Amie is researching summer Professional Development programs. She is analyzing students’ feedback about their teachers, a project that has “opened her eyes to teaching” and the fact that “you can’t just teach something in one way to all students.” Amie became a UELIP Associate because she thinks aspiring teachers need to “see things from both sides.” That is, she wants to understand education from the perspective of an administrator, not just a teacher.

She has appreciated having the opportunity to learn about DCPS and the complex politics that surround a major urban school district, especially issues around equity and the achievement gap. One of the highlights of her summer so far was hearing Chancellor Antwan Wilson speak at an all-staff meeting. “I was excited to be in the same room with him,” Amie remarked. “He was very diplomatic; education is also politics and he said things like a politician, and he has to since education is becoming such a polarized issue.”

Amie’s longer-term role in education, she thinks, is in the classroom. “I’ve learned that I’m better suited for the classroom than the office,” she observed. Her calling is high school English, and she’s honing her craft by doing student teaching in an AP English class in Maryland in the upcoming school year. “In my world, language would be a lot more diverse,” Amie said. “When the words ‘selfie’ and ‘lawl’ got into the dictionary, I thought it was dumb at first, but I recognized language is fluid.” Writing is “really personal…it’s putting yourself on a page,” she expressed. “Every interpretation you have comes from a unique lens.”


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