Meet Elizabeth Koons, Summer ’17 UELIP


DCPS Office: Office of Teaching and Learning, Elementary Mathematics
Education: Rising Senior at Delaware State University
Program of Study / Major: Middle Level Education, concentration in Mathematics, Social Studies, and Special Education
Hometown: Carroll Valley, PA

DCPS is an extremely innovative school system, that has a primary focus on wanting to close the achievement gap. Since I aspire to teach in an urban school district following my graduation, I wanted more insight on what DCPS does and plans to do to continue closing the achievement gap. I also love DC, it is a wonderful city and a ton of fun this time of year!

I am currently working on digitizing mid-module and end-of-module assessments for grade 2-5 mathematics. I am taking written quizzes and reformatting them to be able to fit the online system on Canvas. This is beneficial to teachers for ease of technology, and also beneficial to students because it exposes them to similar technology that they will see on PARCC exams.

I typically spend a lot of time reading mathematics curriculum, thinking of ways to take the mathematics assessments in their current state, and making them more interactive and engaging for students. I spend a lot of time doing forms of coding on the computer and in STEM based meetings. I never knew anything about coding before this, and I am beginning to get a strong understanding of it! I am really proud of how much my technological skills have increased in my short time with DCPS.

I really miss being with students in a classroom, but that I also really enjoy knowing that I am making tools that will prove very beneficial to both teachers and students. I think prior to this experience I took for granted how much work goes into managing a successful school system. Being in the classroom student teaching, you often don’t think about how many people and how much hard work it took to create the curriculum, tools, and programs you use. It has really reinforced that saying, “it takes an army.”

I am a complete perfectionist, so learning through trial and error in technology has been frustrating. I am finally starting to realize that technology does not always cooperate and you just have to learn to deal with that!

Following graduation I would love to come back and teach in DC! I also want to obtain my Masters in school administration and eventually become an administrator. However, I have enjoyed working in Central Office very much, so if the opportunity presented itself, I would definitely consider working in it again.


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