Meet Olivia Lassman, Summer ’17 UELIP

Olivia_LassmanDCPS Office: Office of Talent and Culture, Strategic Staffing
Education: Rising Senior at Franklin and Marshall College
Program of Study/Major: Government
Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Last summer, I worked as a program intern at Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area with their Youth Haven Programs leading and organizing camps for kids and teens affected by HIV/AIDS. This summer, I chose to be part of UELIP because I’m considering going into education policy, and it seemed like a great opportunity to get a real look at what education ‘behind the scenes’ is like. The individualized projects and workshops that DCPS offers are also an incredible opportunity to learn more about what it is like to work for an urban public school system.

I am looking at the quality of substitute teachers hired by DCPS and how we can make sure we’re hiring quality substitutes. I am also remaking the substitute teacher handbook. A typical day at DCPS for me usually starts with onboarding. Two other interns and I set up onboarding, check everyone in, make sure everyone has the right ¬†materials, and photocopy any necessary documents. I then go work on the substitute handbook that I’ve been editing for the past week. Next, I take my lunch break outside and longingly look at all the food trucks while eating the lunch I packed. Then I go back and read any emails, continue working on the substitute handbook, and take down the room from onboarding.

I remember sitting in on a meeting with Labor Managment and Employee Relations during my first week. They were giving a talk about what the Human Relations department can legally say and not say to employees and it was really interesting, since it was something I’d never even considered as important before sitting in on that meeting.

So far, the most rewarding experience has been working with the best team I could’ve been placed with. The other interns in my department, my supervisor, and the other supervisors in the department have all been spectacular.


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