Meet Rita Hagos, Summer ’17 UELIP


DCPS Office: Office of the Chief of Staff, Resource Allocation
Education: Rising Junior at William and Mary
Program of Study/Major: Public Policy and Economics
Hometown: Arlington, Virginia

I’m passionate about education and interested to see how DCPS, an innovative school district functions. I want to be a part of improving the education system. My research project this summer consists of finding the best practices around planning, purchasing, storing, and distributing office supplies. My project consists of speaking with points of contact of each office and asking them how they purchase supplies within their respective offices. Compiling this information for each office will help me to evaluate current purchasing systems and to provide recommendations on best practices moving forward.

Typically, I am attending meetings with points of contact for my research project during the workday. I am also working on mini-projects such as tech labeling, helping out with a classification audit, and editing chief reports.

Besides strengthening my writing and communication skills in a real professional work setting, I’ve become more comfortable with Microsoft Excel and Outlook. I’ve learned the acronyms for each office, and one of the first things I picked up is that COB means “close of business” and that POC means “point/person of contact.” Recently, I learned that FTE stands for “full time employee.”


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