Jeff Terziev: Spring and Summer 2013 Cohorts

     1. What is your name and alma mater? Which UELIP cohort were you a part of?

My name is Jeff Terziev. I studied Political Science at the University of Miami before getting my Masters of Public Policy at Georgetown, focused on education policy. I did the UELIP program twice – once in the spring of 2013, and once in the summer of 2013.

  1. What is your current position? What does your work entail?

I am a research analyst at Mathematica Policy Research and work on a range of tasks, from helping coordinate projects to conducting reviews of research studies, working with data sets and analyzing data, and writing memos and reports. Mathematica is a research organization dedicated to improving public well-being. I work in our human services division and work mostly on education projects. I am particularly interested in educator quality and how our country can improve the quality of its principals and teachers.

  1. What position were you in as a UELIP? What project(s) did you work on?

In the spring I was a part of an assessments team within the Office of Data and Strategy. I worked on planning for statewide assessments and facilitated training sessions on how to administer tests. In the summer I was part of a teacher recruitment and selection team. I helped run onboarding sessions, analyze teacher data, and conduct research on recruiting staff from teacher preparation programs.

  1. What were your fondest memories from the UELIP program?

Some of my fondest memories from the program involved getting to meet so many intelligent people who had similar passions for improving our nation’s education system. I also greatly enjoyed observing what was really going on in the district and looking at how school district policy was being formed and implemented. Attending the chief chats – and listening to Chancellor Kaya Henderson speak in person – were great experiences.

  1. How does your past experience with the UELIP program inform your work now?

The UELIP program gave me a greater understanding of how school districts function, especially in regards to how they administer assessments and recruit and evaluate teachers. The knowledge I gained through the UELIP program about how districts function has proven invaluable and has allowed me to better contribute to the work I do at Mathematica.

  1. What advice would you give to your past UELIP self?

Being a UELIP is a valuable opportunity to see inside the workings of a school district. I would advise observing things closely and getting as involved as possible. Thinking about a career, I would advise doing as much networking as possible.

  1. What is one important relationship that you formed as a result of your time as a UELIP?

As a UELIP I met two of my better friends in DC, Liz and Elise, who were former UELIPs working on the same floor as me during the summer internship.

  1. In what ways would you like to grow in the next five years?

In addition to interning with DCPS I have also interned with the U.S. Department of Education. I would like to continue to build on the knowledge that I gained interning for both organizations and use those insights about how governmental organizations work and what they do to help improve the quality of education in the U.S., particularly for those less fortunate. I would also like to continue to build my research skills and contribute to the availability of high quality education research that policymakers can use to inform their decisions.


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