A Day in the Life, 8/12/16

“I spent my summer learning about the Non-Public Unit, which oversees over 600 DCPS students enrolled in private schools because that is what is considered their “least restrictive environment.” I personally worked on a handful of projects these last nine weeks, which ranged from database management and analytics, to streamlining business processes related to school monitoring and student progress, and creating visual representations of school compliance.” -Tithi Patel

“This summer, I’m working on the Career Education team developing a resource guide to improve quality and implementation for career and technical education (CTE) programs across our DCPS high schools. All of our CTE programs equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in postsecondary and beyond. The guide will help Central Office communicate its expectations, priorities, and resources to all of our stakeholders. Working with administrators and teachers has given me a great opportunity to understand the needs of our schools and how to best support them.” -Kenton Shimozaki



Tithi Patel is a UELIP Associate in the Office of Teaching and Learning. Kenton Shimozaki is a UELIP Associate in the Office of College and Career. Together, they organized this summer’s “Day in the Life” posts.


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