A Day in the Life, 8/4/2016

“I work on the daily operations that are involved with the creation of DC’s first all-male public school, Ron Brown College Preparatory High School. I am tasked with forming the curriculum template, applications, and recruitment vehicles for the school’s first mentorship program. On a technical level, I’ve learned the importance of researching and being open to pivots when creating an entirely new program. On a more personal level, within my short time here at DCPS, I’ve had the opportunity to get a rare glimpse into some of the methodological processes a school system must go through in order to create an entirely new school. In addition, having the opportunity to interact with the staff members of RBCPHS has been eye-opening because not only do I get to see what type of individuals are spearheading this groundbreaking initiative, but I also gain invaluable insight from each and every one of them.” – Adrian Abrams


Adrian Abrams is a UELIP Associate in the Office of Family and Public Engagement.


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