A Day in the Life, 7/28/2016

“This is a big summer for the math team – we are implementing a new curriculum in the fall. I’ve been creating a quarterly newsletter for every grade to share activities families can do at home. A lot of times families want to help with math, but in the new-fangled world of math education it’s easy to feel a little lost, especially with a new curriculum. These rectangular prisms are the building blocks (pun intended) of a Cornerstone where classes create a sculpture garden with specific mathematical parameters – the intersection of puzzles and creativity is my favorite part of math education!”

“As a part of the Math team, my main projects this summer have primarily revolved around editing and developing Cornerstones for the coming year, helping with the roll-out of the new Eureka Math curriculum, and creating additional resources for teachers to access. By the end of the summer, I also hope to develop materials for teachers to use during Math Awareness Month.”



Tessa Murphy and Zack Tripp are UELIP Associates in the Office of Teaching and Learning.


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