Reflection on the Eastern Hiring Fair

By: Akanksha Shah

One of the best things about being a UELIP is that your work is not confined to the office. There are plenty of opportunities to see the projects you’re working on – whether its summer school, logistics, or teacher recruitment – in action.

Last Wednesday, July 13th, the Teacher Recruitment and Selection (TR&S) and Staffing teams put on the final DCPS Recruitment Fair of the year at Eastern High School. Almost half the district’s schools attended – over 50 schools had tables and talked to candidates. The candidate turnout was also impressive, as over 400 candidates attended the fair.

The hiring fair showed how many different staff roles are needed to run a successful school – schools were not only looking for teachers, but educational aides, custodial staff, librarians, counselors, and more. DCPS’s holistic approach towards student learning was apparent through the diversity of candidates in attendance. Many principals seemed to leave at the end of the day impressed with the strength of candidates they had talked to and ready to conduct further interviews.

Several UELIPs from both the TR&S and the Staffing teams also came to the fair in order to assist, helping with everything from setup, to principal and candidate registration, to passing out materials and answering questions on the fair floor. For the UELIPs providing support, it was an amazing opportunity to learn how a big event is put on, and to offer hands on staffing during such an event.

The packed fair also helped display the breadth of interest in working at DCPS. One UELIP, Natalie Knez, observed, “the wealth of attendees demonstrated the desirability of working in DCPS and the depth of the search our schools complete.”


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