A Day in the Life, 7/14/2016

“We both work on the Health and PE team. I support the “Biking in the Park” Cornerstone, where all second graders in DCPS learn how to ride a bike in PE class. I’ve mostly been arranging for the bikes to be moved and serviced over the summer, collecting data, and working with biking-related organizations in the community. I’m also helping teachers develop and revise the “Place Matters” and “What’s Cooking?” Cornerstones for middle school health classes. It’s exciting to see how public health and social justice issues can be worked in the curriculum!”
“My main projects this summer involve data aggregation and analysis, specifically in regards to grant reporting, assisting with curriculum development through our Cornerstone Institute, and helping implement initiatives throughout DCPS. It’s necessary to address and nurture the whole child, and that’s why this work is worthwhile, to ensure kids have access to the knowledge they need to make good, safe choices for themselves, as well as a place to express themselves in a different format than other academic subjects would allow.”




Emily Katz and Judy Huang are UELIP Associates with the Office of Teaching and Learning.


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