Chancellor Henderson to Step Down: A UELIP Perspective

By: Shyheim Snead

Last Wednesday, June 29, Chancellor Kaya Henderson announced that she would be stepping down from her role on September 30, 2016. Chancellor Henderson began her tenure as head of DC Public Schools in November 2010, after serving for three years as Deputy Chancellor of DCPS.

In the Chancellor’s six years of service, she has been at the helm of increasing student enrollment, improving student satisfaction, and recruiting and retaining top talent to lead schools and classrooms. In her June 29 bulletin, Mayor Muriel Bowser thanked the Chancellor for her “steadfast resolve to improve education for all of our students.”

As UELIP Associates, we had the unique opportunity to attend the “All-Hands” meeting where the Chancellor made a personal announcement to Central Office staff. This quarterly meeting is an opportunity for Central Office staff to hear major announcements and updates on District progress.

The meeting opened with two exceptional student performances: violin selections from a rising DCPS Sophomore and an impassioned speech on literacy from a graduated Senior. The Chancellor followed by recapping accomplishments from the past year, including study abroad programs and paid internship opportunities for DCPS students.

Immediately following, the Chancellor gave an emotional, passionate speech about the joys of leading this school district and her high hopes for its future. Akanksha Shah, UELIP Associate in the Office of Talent and Culture, remarked “as an intern you don’t really expect to see anything really important beyond the day-to-day work…This was an experience you won’t get anywhere else…witnessing actual change impact actual people.”

The 2016 Summer UELIP Cohort joins the masses in thanking Chancellor Henderson for her distinguished service to DC Public Schools, and we are confident in DCPS’s continued commitment to students. We are excited to continue supporting the DCPS team for the remainder of the summer.



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