Volunteering at Central Food Bank

11823935_10206780161290137_1456121224_nThis past saturday a group of UELIPs volunteered at Central Food Bank. This is just one of the many partnerships we were working to create this summer. We had a BLAST! The people in charge of this organization are the sweetest I have met while in DC. We took the metro to Brookland Station and their shuttle bus took us right to their building. We spent the day sorting meats in their large industrial refrigerator.This task was exceptionally funny because it was so cold that we were given these giant parkas and gloves. By the end of the day we had removed both of these items and were enjoying the cool air. Large bins labeled pork, chicken/seafood, and beef were used to keep volunteers organized.  We worked side-by-side with volunteers from all over DC, which I found to be very enjoyable. We also really liked that all of our local grocers were donating to a cause that helps people in need. My last Saturday in DC was well spent and I hope that future UELIPs get the opportunity to volunteer at Central Food Banks too!

-Emily Tanner

UELIP Innovation and Development