UELIP of the Week

Congrats to T.A, Nguyen! T.A. is one of the friendliest UELIPs I have met and she was nominated by someone who thought the same! When ever you pass T.A. at her desk you can tell she is dedicated to her work and she has never been less than friendly and cheerful!

Her nomination read: “During my short time here at DCPS T.A. has played a major roll in making sure my transition into the internship is smooth. Whether I am in need of company when boredom strikes in my cubical, a lunch pal, or just a smile that redirects my day with purpose, T.A. is there to assist. She is an awesome UELIP role model that upholds the stature of a professional intern in the urban education sector.”

  1. Home Town: Falls Church, VA
  2. School and major: College of William and Mary, Neuroscience
  3. How did you hear about UELIP? I heard about UELIP through a Program Coordinator at my school
  4. What made you decide you wanted to become a UELIP? I wanted to explore education and understand problems related to urban education
  5. What office are you working in? Office of the Chief Operating Officer
  6. Who is your supervisor? Sally Parker
  7. Explain your project? To promote environmental literacy in DCPS, I am creating an interactive map for teachers to find nearby green destinations (local parks, streams, etc). Teachers can use these outdoor spaces to teach fun lesson plans and engage their students in a real-world context. My hope is that outdoor learning becomes a significant part of the school day, as research indicates outdoor learning enhances academic performance and boosts student motivation!
  8. What is the most exciting thing you have done so far? The project I’m working on is largely my own creation (Sally gives me a lot of freedom- thank you, Sally!) and I’m excited to see how it unfolds. Over the last couple weeks, I learned how to manipulate and map data using ArcGIS software.  Although there are days when progress is stagnant, I am learning to navigate the maze of project management. By the end of the summer, I plan to publish my first-ever web app. ☺
  9. What are you most looking forward to? I’m looking forward to having great conversations with other UELIPs, picking the brains of professionals through our Chief Chats, and enjoying all the great things in DC- including restaurants, book stores, and community gardens. I’ve been to the Navy Yard a few times, and it’s gorgeous.
  10. What is something you have learn from your experience so far? Something I’ve had to learn is to dive headfirst, even when I’m not sure where to start. A big hurdle I had to overcome was deciding what project to pursue and the best way to get through that hoop was to actually get started. More doing, less thinking.
  11. What are your favorite things? Reading positive psych blogs, spending time with family and friends, writing in my journal, and dance when no one’s watching!

Keep up the great work T.A.!


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