REES-U Student Reflection

Cassandra ThillToday, I attended a seminar about Race and Equity in Education. I am going to be completely honest, talking about racism and issues about race that are prevalent in everyday society is extremely difficult. However, this conversation needs to occur in order for progress to be made in terms discrimination, oppression, and prejudice to decrease among minority groups. This seminar really opened my eyes to how people of color deal with issues that truly affect them such as the shooting that just occurred in Charleston, South Carolina. When I listen to the news, I hear about what happened but I do not necessarily hear how that culture is affected. Hearing stories from these individuals truly was eye opening and left me speechless. I honestly have never contemplated white privilege before but it is a real thing. The biggest take away from this seminar was that although I am White, I can be an ally in solving this issue of racism and discrimination! This is a large issue but there is hope that it will diminish slowly. I am up for the challenge and I am here to support my friends, colleagues, family, and future students.

-Cassandra Thill

UELIP, Office of Specialized Instruction


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