The Leadership to Succeed

By Junior Associate Evan Traylor

Can you imagine what Apple would look like if Steve Jobs, and now Tim Cook, weren’t able to effectively envision the future of their company? What about South Africa if Nelson Mandela wasn’t able to mobilize people toward ending apartheid? And what if Orville and Wilbur Wright didn’t have the motivation and skills to take flight for the first time? All of these icons found ways to achieve their dreams and make the world a better place by tackling tough challenges and effectively practicing leadership. Our world needs these visionaries, innovators, and activists to continue changing our communities for the better; however, we especially need these leaders them in our schools to provide all of our children with the bright future they deserve.

During my UELIP experience, I worked on the Principal Recruitment & Selection Team, helping to recruit, interview, select, and place highly effective principals and assistant principals into DCPS schools. While many school districts, including DCPS, groom their school leaders internally by developing their teachers, DCPS believes that we need to find talented and bold school leaders outside of our district in order to achieve our goals. Finding candidates from all over the country, including Boston, Memphis, Los Angeles, and Chicago, my team sends them through a rigorous process, including interviews with Chancellor Henderson and a panel of community members, that challenges them and ensures that we find the very best school leaders to inspire our teachers and children to success.

From student organizations to Fortune 500 companies to public schools, strong and effective leadership is a necessary component for any avenue of success. I’m glad that I could contribute to this important aspect of helping DCPS hire and support the school leaders that are the visionaries, innovators, and activists necessary to help us become the best urban school district in the country.


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