Meet Junior Associate Lindsey Benjamin

Hometown: Maple Glen, PA

School: University of Maryland-College Park

Major: Psychology

 Minor: Spanish

 DCPS Office: Office of Specialized Instruction, Language Acquisition Division (under Katarina Brito and Rosanna DeMammos)

Project: Lindsey’s primary project is to assist Katarina Brito with facilitating the rollout of the Seal of Bi-Literacy Program. The purpose of the program is to award high school seniors who have achieved proficiency in more than one language with a seal on their diploma. The program will hopefully assist in instilling an appreciation for multilingualism in the DCPS community. As a supplemental project, Lindsey also collaborates with Rosanna DeMammos in developing curriculum for a summer program that serves English Language Learners in the district. In addition to these two projects, Lindsey has had the opportunity to assist in leading Think Tank visitors on tours of the different dual language schools.

 Future Goals: Lindsey intends to start her a career as a classroom teacher in a diverse, urban district. However, UELIP has made her realize that after her classroom experience, Lindsey hopes to enter the policy world in order to implement large-scale changes in the education sector.


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