Meet Junior Associate, Evan Traylor

Hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma
School: University of Kansas
Major: Political Science
Minor: Jewish Studies, Leadership Studies
DCPS Office: Office of Human Capital, School Leader Recruitment & Selection
Project: Evan works with Mark Donnelly, Ricky Brown, and Thalia Tirado to identify, recruit, interview, and place effective principals and assistant principals into positions in DCPS schools. For his project, Evan is focused specifically on identifying highly effective principal candidates that have experience in large, urban, and Title I school districts throughout the United States, and preparing their contact information. Additionally, Evan has assisted his team in preparing for and executing interviews and community panels for school leader candidates and revamping the recruiting website for DCPS.
Future Career Goals: Evan is pursuing a career in public service through various outlets. While unsure about particular careers, he is extremely passionate about combining his interests in education reform, public policy, Judaism, and leadership to serve individuals and communities. Evan’s experience as a UELIP has given him an enormous amount of insight into how schools systems operate and the importance of having a unifying and inspirational purpose to work towards in every community.
Fun Fact: Evan has traveled to Israel 3 times over the past 5 years.


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