Meet Junior Associate, Ashley Clark

Hometown: Berwyn, PA
School: American University
Major: Law and Society
Minor: Applied Physics
UELIP Social Media Committee:  Ashley focused on recruiting interns from Washington DC area schools for the summer cohort, as well as managing the UELIP Facebook and creating the new Summer Cohort Flyer to be used through out our Social Media outlets.
DCPS Office: Office of Specialized Instruction, on the Transition Team
Project: Ashley worked primarily with the CEO Program, an after school program for DCPS High School students with learning disabilities.  Working inside the classroom she has been able to assists the professional development sessions, most recently conducting mock interviews with students to help them prepare for the job market.  She trouble shoots and assists the students and their community mentors with a long term career related projects they are to complete throughout the semester.  In the office, Ashley has done several types of tasks mainly to promote and assist the goals of DCPS Community Action Team’s requirements of the Transition Team providing feed back about the team’s newest project and compiling a comprehensive list of community member contact information.
Future Career Goals: Ashley hopes to one day be a Lawyer but knows children and education will alway hold a special place in her heart.  Finding a career that would allow her to use extensive knowledge of the law to help children all over the country would be a dream for her.
Fun Fact: As a hobby Ashley likes to fly in wind tunnels, practicing what is called indoor skydiving.


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