Meet Kristiana Kim

Junior Associate Kristiana Kim
Junior Associate Kristiana Kim

Hometown: Temecula, California
School: Scripps College
Major: Science and Management
Minor: Music
UELIP Outreach Committee Project: Kristiana led the bulletin board decorating project. She also updates and redesigns the UELIP Blog, and hopes to tackle updating the UELIP website before she leaves
DCPS Office: Office of Human Capital, Teacher Recruitment & Selection
Project: Kristiana works with Mary Balla to help principals fill teacher vacancies with the most qualified candidates. She emails resumes to principals, updates the resume pool, fingerprinting, and drug-testing results, and assists her team with any tasks that need an extra hand.Her biggest project has been using feedback data to make recommendations on improving and better organizing hiring fairs which are speed-networking events with 300+ attendance. At the fairs, principals have the opportunity to meet and briefly interview many candidates in a short amount of time. One of her duties has been to create floor plans for the fairs so that candidates can more quickly find and connect with schools.
Future Career Goals: At different times Kristiana has wanted to be a surgeon, dentist, lawyer, journalist, accountant, entrepreneur, hospital administrator, and teacher. After being at DCPS, she has come to realize that she wants to work in education and towards the mission of providing every child with equal educational opportunities. She hopes to explore different roles in education to determine where she can make the most significant impact and is leaving herself open to whatever comes her way.
Fun Fact: Kristiana has donated over 12 inches of her hair three times. She says it grows like grass.



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