Meet James Tandaric

Junior Associate James Tandaric
Junior Associate James Tandaric

Hometown: Downers Grove, Illinois
School: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Majors: Economics and Political Science
Minor: Leadership Studies
UELIP Outreach Committee Project: James is one of the chairs for the UELIP Outreach Committee. He plans and leads the meetings with Avani. He also plans the Professional Development events: a social media workshop, a DISC assessment, and a Microsoft Outlook training session.
DCPS Office: Office of Human Capital, Strategic Staffing Team
Project: James’s supervisor is Tammy Whyte. James is an Orientation and Hiring Associate and the Person of Contact for Onboarding Sessions, which are orientation sessions for new hires for this upcoming academic year. James prepares folders for each session and makes sure each candidate has the proper paperwork to get hired. He also phones substitute teachers to answer questions on the DCPS Substitute Teacher Questionnaire.
Future Career Goals: James has a passion for education, and he is using his experience from this internship to learn which sectors of education he is the most passionate about. Also, he wants to someday teach in DCPS, so this internship allows him the opportunity to learn how the central office of DCPS is run so that he gains a better insight into how DCPS functions.
Fun Fact: James has been playing the violin for ten years, bass for seven years, and guitar for one year


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