Meet Paige Del Rio

Senior Associate Paige Del Rio
Senior Associate Paige Del Rio

Hometown: Sacramento, California
School: University of California, Davis
Major: Sociology Cultural Anthropology
DCPS Office: Office of Human Capital, Teacher Effectiveness Strategy
Project: Paige works with Gillian Page and Hannah Lauber to execute several pilot programs for teacher leadership: the Teachers Central to Leadership Fellowship, New Teacher Orientation, and the Teacher Leadership Innovation (TLI) pilot. For her project, she is focusing on researching creative scheduling opportunities for teacher leaders. Thanks to the Department of Education’s TIF funding, DCPS has been able to pilot three different teacher leadership programs; DCPS needs to find a way to make the programs economically sustainable while maintaining their impact after the funding runs out. Paige is also researching blended learning techniques used in districts throughout the country that allow teachers creative scheduling opportunities for professional development and assuming middle leadership roles in their schools. The Teacher Effectiveness team is hoping to have a new TLI Specialist for the upcoming academic year; the research she is doing this summer will serve as a starting point for the work of that new team member.
Future Career Goals: Through extracurricular and academic work over the last two years, Paige has developed an interest in education policy and reform—particularly teacher effectiveness. Her work has solidified her interest in continuing along this career path. It has become clear to Paige that the real work happens at the district level, not at the national level. She would love to continue working in urban school districts, taking the knowledge from this summer, and sharing it with other struggling districts around the country. Whether that be through public service work, non-profit advocacy, or private consulting, she wants to continue seeing the impact of her work and know that she is contributing to something important and long-lasting.
Fun Fact: Paige spent the summer in Austria with the Salzburg Global Seminar.


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