Meet Noora Mahmassani

Junior Associate Noora Mahmassani
Junior Associate Noora Mahmassani

Hometown: Frederick, Maryland
School: Georgetown University
Major: Linguistics
UELIP Committee Project: Noora helps find news articles for the UELIP Newsletter
DCPS Office: Office of Teaching and Learning, Elementary Literacy Team, Academic Language
Project: Noora’s main project is assisting Cara Hoppe in creating a Vocabulary Plan for Kindergarten through 8th Grade. The Vocabulary Plan is essentially a map of how teachers can incorporate 10-15 chosen academic terms per grade level into their existing teaching of the DCPS curriculum. Noora’s roles have been to identify instances of each word in DCPS ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies curricular documents for each grade level and to cross-reference salient terms from the middle school Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and DCPS curricula with a list of the most common academic words in the English language in order to choose the middle school terms. During her free time, she writes Academic Language newsletters.
Future Career Goals: Noora plans to be involved in education in many ways. During the school year, she works at a daycare center and tutors beginning readers and English language learners. After graduation, she hopes to either teach English abroad or pursue her teaching certification through an alternative certification program. This internship has deepened her interest in teaching in DC and her appreciation for curriculum development.
Fun Fact: Noora recently hiked to the bottom (and up out of) the Grand Canyon!


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