Meet Vivian Liang

Junior Associate and obese-chihuahua owner Vivian Liang
Junior Associate and obese-chihuahua owner Vivian Liang

Hometown: Ningbo, China
School: Vanderbilt University
Majors: Economics and Sociology
Minors: French and Studio Art
DCPS Office: Office of Human Capital, Data Analytics Team
Project: Vivian is working with Michael Gaskins on the annual labor report as well as the monthly memos on principal turnover and vacancy fill rate. She specifically works on data analysis, visualization, and layout design.
Future Career Goals: Vivian has not figured out what she really wants to do with her life. She has considered being an educational policy researcher, a gallery manager, a world language teacher, a homeless artist, or a data artist. Despite all of these varied options, education has always been something interesting and important to Vivian. Her honor thesis for sociology is about different educational experiences among people of different socioeconomic statuses and racial backgrounds, so this internship is like a field study. Working with the data offers her a direct perspective towards the exciting changes and improvements, as well as inequalities and structural inefficiencies, within the public educational system. This is a field the Vivian may want to focus on in future research. Also, Vivian has learned many very useful skills in Excel, R programming, and Illustrator by working with her supervisor.
Fun Fact: Vivian has a seriously overweight Chihuahua.


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