Meet Eunice Stefan

Senior Associate Eunice Stefan
Senior Associate Eunice Stefan

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
School: Duke University
Degree: Master of Arts in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies
DCPS Office: Office of Human Capital, Specialized Staffing
Project: Eunice’s main project is to collect information for substitute teachers. This requires creating a master list for the substitute teachers, sending e-mails, and inputting data into the Smart Find Express software system. She also supports the staff through hosting onboarding sessions and updating service codes for payroll in PeopleSoft, which is the main database for all the DCPS employees. Eunice feels that her work gives her valuable insight into what organizations look for during the hiring process.
Future Career Goals: Eunice has a passion for teaching. Because Eunice’s family comes from a teaching background, she was always involved in the field of education in some way or another. Eunice started this internship to see what teaching looks like on “the other side.” Interning at the district level has sparked her interest in pursuing a career as a program coordinator.
Fun Fact: Eunice was in Russia for a year and she is fluent in the Russian language.


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