Meet Akunna Uka

Future teacher and Senior Associate Akunna Uka
Future teacher and Senior Associate Akunna Uka

Hometown: Mount Vernon, New York
School: Swarthmore College
Major: Political Science
Minor: Educational Studies
DCPS Office: Office of Human Capital, Principal Effectiveness Team
Project: Akunna’s supervisor is Mark Donnelly. Her project is providing recommendations to improve the organization of the current database for prospective school leaders. She is also analyzing the data to answer key questions that will speak to the impact of current recruitment and selection efforts.
Future Career Goals: In the fall, Akunna will begin her teaching career, and the UELIP internship is providing an amazing sneak peek into the operations of recruiting and administration. After completing her student teaching in a Title I School with inconsistent leadership, she became interested in how school leaders are developed and hired. Interning with DCPS has allowed her to gain a perspective that many teachers unfortunately do not have the opportunity to develop.
Fun Fact: When she was a little kid, Akunna let her brother (then a toddler) give her a haircut because he said he was a professional. She has always believed in the abilities of all children.


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