Meet Kelley Monzella

Junior Associate Kelley Monzella
Junior Associate Kelley Monzella

Hometown: La Grange, Illinois
School: Boston College
Major: Sociology and Hispanic Studies
DCPS Office: Office of Teaching and Learning
Project: Kelley works with Crystal Hahn and Tovah Koplow on a variety of projects related to the Instructional Coaching Program. Thus far, she has examined teacher feedback of the Instructional Coaching Program and compiled a master list of teachers who received coaching during the 2013- 2014 school year. In the coming weeks, she will be using this document in conjunction with student test scores to analyze the impact of the IC Program. She is also in the midst of creating an “Introduction to Instructional Coaching” packet to be given to incoming coaches.
Future Career Goals: After tutoring high school students, teaching elementary-aged students, and working in DCPS’s central office, Kelley sees her future self working with the education system in some regard. While her exact plans remain undefined, she is currently exploring social research as a career path, with an internship at Mathematica Policy Research in line for the fall. She views her time at DCPS as an especially valuable experience to better understand how an urban school system operates and how the needs of DC students can be properly addressed.
Fun Fact: Kelley has been to 12 different countries, and her family is currently living in Malaysia.


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