Meet Gloria Matthews

Gloria Matthews being her playful self in the lobby of Central Office
Junior Associate Gloria Matthews in the lobby of Central Office

Hometown: Temple, Texas
School: University of Southern California
Major: Policy, Planning, and Development with an emphasis on nonprofits and social innovation
DCPS Office: Office of Youth Engagement
Project: Gloria works with the School Discipline & School Climate Team under Mziwandile Masimini as well as the Health and Wellness Team under Sara Stahlberg to assist in developing an implementation strategy that will support the new Bullying Prevention Policy. Gloria is working on many projects with these two teams revolving around bullying, HIV and STI prevention, and LGBTQ awareness. She has enjoyed being involved with people whose main focus at work is supporting and advocating for students at risk and in need.
Future Career Goals: Although Gloria is interested in education, she not exactly sure yet what capacity she hope to be involved in the future. This summer has been an interesting opportunity to investigate the many
avenues that can be taken towards the goal of affecting a school system and supporting students. Observing the countless levels of engagement that are involved in keeping DCPS flowing smoothly has encouraged her to find an outlet that she feels best fits her passions and skills so she can help the education system most effectively. And because of what she has seen in her projects this summer, she has begun to really take an interest in public health and sexual health education for students… so maybe that’s on her horizon! Who knows!
Fun Fact: Gloria is a part of an Improv Comedy Troop at her school.


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