Meet Tarah Marshall

Junior Associate Tarah Marshall
Junior Associate Tarah Marshall

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
School: Tulane University
Major: Economics and Developmental Psychology
Minor: French
DCPS Office: Deputy Chancellor for Operations
Project: Tarah works under Teresa Biagioni for the School Opening and Enrollment team. Her project for the summer will address the need for a research-based comparative analysis of school opening by conducting several case studies on school districts that exemplify the infrastructure needed for a smooth school opening. The final product will be a compilation of findings as well as analysis that will guide the building of infrastructure and make research-backed suggestions in terms of DCPS School opening.
Future Career Goals: Tarah is interested in becoming an economic consultant. She is particularly interested in economic consulting on public policy. Two of her passions are education reform and social change. Thus, her dream job would be working as an economic consultant on public policy concerning education reform. This internship allows her to get a glimpse at how public policy is implemented in an educational setting.
Fun Fact: Tarah has ridden horses competitively since she was 7 years old, and she turned down a job offer as a wrangler at a ranch in Colorado to be a UELIP this summer.


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